Pesto Genovese

The traditional recipe for pesto comes from Italy and more specifically Genoa and contains garlic, fresh basil, pine nuts, crushed with olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese or Pecorino. The original method for making pesto is to crush the ingredients in stone or wooden pestle in order to achieve the necessary consistency.


Fried breaded beans


I tried this dish more than ten years ago in a small restaurant that did not have a sophisticated interior, but the food was divine. I was thinking about     preparing this recipe for a long time, it reminds me for some nice moments with my family and my mouth is juicing with the taste of the food back there.


Shrimp Tempura

Most recipes in my blog result from my personal experiences that I later try to recreate here.
We were in London with my wife after a long and tiring morning along Oxford street we found ourselves in a Japanese sushi bar located in one of the small streets nearby. We sat on the  charis in front of a long line with bowls full of sushi, shrimps and other delicacies. Some of the dishes were familiar to me because I'm a big fan of sushi and I plan to share a sushi recipe soon.


Tomato Bruschetti

Italian cuisine is among my favorite with its simplicity and yet masterful combination of nutrition elements. Today's recipe is emblematic of Italian cuisine and dates from the late 15th century.



Guacamole is a typical Mexican appetizer based on avocado and suitable for consumption with corn tortillas.
It is said that first the Aztecs were making guacamole, but after the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the 16 - th century it also became popular in Spain. Recipes for guacamole can be very different and this is typical for the dishes that have passed the test of time.

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