About Tonichef

My name is Anton Yanchev and I am glad to welcome you in my blog for culinary delights Tonichef. For me Tonichef is a way to share the recipes that I have cooked for my family and friends. The idea for this blog came to me a long time ago, but as I am always  busy it took me almost two years to realise it. As the first version of the blog is a fact I will be happy  if Tonichef becomes your favorite place for new recipes and  you actively participate with your comments and critics.

This pilot version is quite simple, but  I plan to add additional features in the future such as: skype link for online advice, the option for recipes exchange between blog users, information and description of spices, measurement converter, online shop for gourmet products and equipment and much more. These are some of my initial ideas, but if you have any suggestions, please write and I will be happy to discuss them.

Prior 2005 cooking was quite far from me, except for some sporadic pizza attempts. My serious experiments in the kitchen are since I left my parent's home . For the past six years I can  say that I have learned a lot and I made a lot of mistakes. Eventually I discovered that I have affinity for gourmet recipes and will try to focus on them in this blog. When people hear gourmet they usually imagine something very complex and difficult to prepare. However if you have detailed instructions if becomes easier and achievable for everyone.

Your comments are a very important part of the blog as they provide your feedback and thus Tonichef constantly develops. Each comment will be checked before publishing, comments intended to use the blog for advertising (spam), rude statements or those that have no connection with the content will not be published.

Thank you for visiting Tonichef and please come again!

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