Christmas ginger house


I have already enjoyed that I have executed my dream to assemble and decorate Christmas ginger house.
It all started a long time ago, do not even remember exactly when even the desire to do this house is longstanding.

The first time I tried to make myself templates themselves biscuits, but did not get. Last year, finished parts found in IKEA organized me my daughter, but made a mistake and did not do the right proportion of glue and we have broken parts of the house made of ginger biscuits. All those we fail to understand where we are wrong and will be happy to share with the important steps that need to run, so you do not need as us to try a few years prior to obtaining the result sought.
The steps you need to follow are described below and will have photos to them for easier orientation.
Initial preparation: 20 min Preparation: 30 min 
Package ginger house of IKEA
For a glue
2 egg white
10 gr. - lemon juice
500 gr.  - powdered sugar
Preparation of glue
Allow the eggs at room temperature for 10 minutes. In a metal bowl well cleaned from fat beat egg whites and begin to pour powdered sugar until it is taken over the whole amount and get ednorodnagasta mixture as adhesive.
I will describe step by step, accompanied by photos of how to assemble the house. Will share little tricks that I found in a series of trials and I hope they are helpful to you.
1. Prepare the glue and pour in pastry Posh.
2. Find a suitable solid surface that can wrap with aluminum foil. I used wooden cutting board.
3. Place the individual parts of the house as shown in the picture and gently put glue at the base of the house of the two long parts. Put glue and short vertical walls.
4. Raise walls, collecting four in one and leave for 1-2 minutes to solidify the adhesive
5. Go with glue on the outside of the base and brush the tops to be able to stick the roof
6. Put panels on the roof cross the summit between them for - traction.
Assemble the chimney and stick it. Leave for 5 minutes nice glue to set.
The house is assembled from here on, everything is in your hands and imagination. This is my version of decoration I hope you liked it and I have been helpful. Waiting for you comments.
I wish you a Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!
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