I've tried Ciabatta bread  many times from the neighborhood supermarket, but I had never been fascinated by it, just another bread. Everything changed when I tasted sandwiches near my office. The Ciabatta there was delicious , it was the ingredient that makes this sandwich so delicious . Since then I started looking for the recipe for this amazing Italian bread ,and  I accidentally came across this recipe online leite's culinaria.
Until the 80s the ciabatta was very - little known outside Italy, but with the globalization, this bread became extremely popular .What is a characteristic is  that the bread is crispy crust and big bubbles. All this is achieved with the help of so-called " Biga " or risen disc 24 hours flour with water and yeast. Good leavening of " Biga " is one of the main prerequisites for obtaining these air pockets .
To get the best results follow closely the proportions , I would even recommend to use kitchen scales .
Initial preparation Biga: 20 min
Preparation Biga: 24 h 
Serves: 500gr
Initial preparation Ciabatta: 20 min
Preparation Ciabatta: 24 h 
Serves: 500gr
    330 g - white flour
    4 g - fresh yeast
    60ml . - Hot water
    200 ml. - warm water
    500g - white flour
    5 tablespoons - Warm milk
    200 ml. - water
    7 g - live yeast
    1 tablespoon - Oil, plus more for greasing
    15 g - salt
Used containers
Preparation of the Biga
We start with Biga 's, it's yeast , which is prepared from the previous day .
Put the yeast in slightly warm water for about 10 min
When it is ready, in a bowl mix the flour, yeast and remaining water . With the mixer blend for 2-3 minutes at low speed until a sticky dough.
Place it in a well greased bowl cover with foil and let it rest for 24 hours of the end will increase the volume three times.
Preparation of dough
Put the yeast for the dough in warm milk for 10 minutes, until you get a creamy liquid. Put in a bowl the flour, water, soluble yeast
olive oil, salt and Biga. With the mixer stir for 3 minutes on medium high speed and when it begins to thicken and become difficult to mix increase to MAXIMUM speed for 2 minute and finally reduce to a minimum of two minutes.
Place the dough in a well greased bowl covered with plastic wrap and let it rise for an hour and fifteen minutes at room temperature. When done it will form large bubbles , the dough will be flexible and elastic.
Cut the dough into four pieces with approximate size of 8 to 20 cm on a well floured surface and make a cylinder , then it form rectangulars that are well floured. Place them in a pan on a baking sheet , press with your thumb in the middle, cover with a cloth and leave to swell to an hour and a half - two hours, 30 minutes before you bake, preheat the oven to 220 C. Just before baking, sprinkle with corn flour and bake between 30 and 45 minutes, the first 10 minutes spray water and for good dispersion you can use the sprayer.
Bake until you get the crispy crust, you can be sure that they are well baked inside if you use toothpick and  if no dough sticks to the toothpick then they are ready. If the dough sticks but the crust is done, cover with foil and bake again.
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