Raspberry Lemonade

This summer I was charmed by the topic of lemonade in the previous post shared with you my recipe for classic lemonade, here comes the raspberry variant. The idea for it came to me, as i passed one shop that had  a large metal container with ice and sweaty  bottle inside. The bottle had a red color that provoked me to understand what kind of drink is that I saw the side plate, and when I got home I started to experiment with it because it turns out that there are so many variations based on the difference in proportions, and thus leading to different taste. So after  long reading and experimentation I came to this option, which was the best for me and I enjoyed it very much, as well as my little princess and my wife.
In the summer heat, the drink in a combination of sharp lemon flavor of fresh raspberries, mint and crushed ice to reach a wonderful summer elixir that with both hands I am ready to recommend you.
Just to warn you that I love you sweet and you can experiment with the sugar. If these proportions are too sweet,  you can tune them to your taste.
Preparation: 20 minutes Cooking: 10 min
Servings: 15 cups
250g - raspberry
4-5 lemons 220 ml.
1 lime
280 g sugar
30 fresh mint leaves
3 l - water
Used containers
a small saucepan
A large bowl
juicer citrus fruits
blender or blender
Cut the lemons and lime in half and squeeze them with a juicer for citrus fruit, then pour into a small saucepan with the sugar. On a medium heat stir until sugar has dissolved and absorbed.
In a blender put the raspberries and lemon juice with the sugar and mashed well. So put the ready puree in a large bowl (container with a minimum capacity of 3 liters), add water, stir and add the mint leaves.
Put in the fridge for about 24 hours to cool and blend flavors.
Strain juice through a strainer ready, will take small seeds of berries and you will get the ideal consistency.
Lemonade is ready for serving.
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