Chicken roll with minced meat and pistachios


I love chicken but  it always seems to be quite dry. I have prepared this recipe or a special occasion, my daughter had a birthday, and it was a wonderful occasion to gather my loved friends and family. The birthday was close and I still have not figured out the menu. I chose the type of meat and I decided to check the internet for interesting recipes.I came across a recipe that I liked as a whole and then changed a little according to my taste. The ingredients are simple, but their combination resulted in a delicious dish.

4 portions
2  chicken leg steaks
8 pieces -proshuto/hamon
100g. Pistachio
120 g minced pork meat
1  chopped leek
? tsp ground cumin
? tsp thyme
40 grams. butter
1 tablespoon oil
salt, black pepper

100ml. Chicken broth
50ml. Marsala Wine

Stew leeks in butter for 2-3min. Leave the mixture aside, ram the chicken steaks and sprinkle them with little salt (note that the proshutoto is salty) and pepper. Put four slices of prosciutto on an  aluminum foil and place the chicken steak on them, sprinkle with the minced meat, pistachios and thyme and make a roll.
Wrap the roll by squeezing tightly and twist the two ends of the foil in different directions in maximum, taking care not to tear the foil. Place the finished roll in the freezer for 35-45 min.
Fry the rolls in high temperature in the pan where the leeks were cooked so that the roll is sealed. The secret to get a brown crust is turning roll fast and not letting the roll to burn. When it is fried place the roll on household paper to drain fat.
Rolls are ready and now is the time to prepare the  sauce. Put the Marsala in a pan on high temperature, it will form bubbles and begin to boil for 1-2 minutes then add chicken broth and lower the temperature. Stir until the sauce reduces its volume to one third and becomes thick. Arrange the roll on a 45 degrees angle and then sprinkle with sauce.

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