Semifreddo with almonds Amaretto biscuits


The story of how I came across this delicious and easy to prepare dessert is quite interesting. My wife decided to surprise me with a dinner and took me to an Italian trattoria in the city center. There I tried for the first time this dessert with mascarpone, amaretto biscuits, cream and Amaretto liqueur.The owner and chef shared with me his recipe. Afterwards when I checked the word Semifreddo on the internet hundreds of recipes came out, but none of them was similar to mine. So you can take it as a variation and I hope you will like it.
I've always been a fan of Italian cuisine and its simplicity in selecting the elements of the dish. This is a wonderful and easy dessert to surprise your friends and loved ones.

400 g - Mascarpone
400 g - almond biscuits Amaretto
100g - sweet cream
60 ml. - Amaretto liqueur

Put the amaretto biscuits(you can use bought from store or home made here is the recipe) in a food chopper and grind them or crush them with your hands. Mix the finely crushed biscuits with mascarpone, cream and Amaretto liqueur. Mix well, divide the mixture into small cups and leave for 30-40 minutes in the freezer. Then move the cups into the refrigerator and leave at least overnight so that the flavors to blend. Keep in mind that the dessert is quite heavy and use small cups for serving. Enjoy!

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