October 2011

Amaretti Biscuits


When I hear someone talking about amaretti, the smell of the delicious almond liquer rises in me. These amaretti biscuits are a mixture of almond flour, egg whites and sugar that become an irresistible temptation.
It is argued that the roots of this recipe come from Venice and more specifically the Renaissance period. During all these years, the recipe and its proportions have changed and evolved.


Shrimp Tempura

Most recipes in my blog result from my personal experiences that I later try to recreate here.
We were in London with my wife after a long and tiring morning along Oxford street we found ourselves in a Japanese sushi bar located in one of the small streets nearby. We sat on the  charis in front of a long line with bowls full of sushi, shrimps and other delicacies. Some of the dishes were familiar to me because I'm a big fan of sushi and I plan to share a sushi recipe soon.

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